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Colorado General Contractors – BDR Fire & Water Restoration

Remodeling or renovating a home or business is a great way to enhance your living and working space and to add real value to your property. When you think of embarking on a large-scale project, you want to ensure that you’re working with a contractor with a great reputation and a long history of successful jobs.

BDR is a Colorado general contractor with the experience, knowledge, and commitment to service that you should expect.

BDR holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our Services
BDR brings you complete client satisfaction for a number of different jobs.

• Roofing
• Additions
• Residential Renovations & Remodeling
• Commercial Renovations & Remodeling
• Finishing Basements
• Patios & Decks
• Garages

The Benefits Of Using A Restoration Company As A General Building Contractor
We’re not just great general building contractors. We’re experts in water restoration and mitigation. Can you imagine a better contractor to dig out your basement, rebuild your roof, or add an addition to your home? Everyday we see how water removal systems fail and we rebuild them to be functional. Everyday we see how roofs fail and how water seeps into to foundations. When we build or renovate, we bring all of this knowledge to the project.

Finally, here’s a general building contractor how understands how to build an addition that will be impermeable to water damage for decades to come.

Experienced Roofers
Roofing systems are complex, intricate structures. A small breach in the integrity of a roof can cause major problems for the property, allowing water to seep through and cause major damage to the home or business. Contracting experienced, professional roofers with great references is the only way to go. That’s exactly what you’re getting when you hire BDR to repair, rebuild, or re-design your roofing system.