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Restoration Services

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You don’t want to take a gamble when it comes to restoring your valuable property! That’s why you should trust BDR Fire & Water Restoration, a fully licensed, certified and insured property restoration company based in Colorado.

We treat your home, business, and the contents inside as if they were our own.

Emergency Restoration – Timely Service When You Need It
Restoration is a timely business especially when a water pipe is flooding your home! That’s why you need an emergency restoration company that is capable of responding immediately to an emergency at any hour of the day. We understand that the sooner we arrive the less restoration we’ll have to do! That saves you money and prevents unnecessary damage.

Areas Served
Denver, Eaton, Evans, Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown, Kersey, La Salle, Milliken and Windsor. 

Best Practices
In the property restoration industry, it’s important to work with a company that has a long history anda good reputation. Inexperienced companies may make your property look restored, but there’s more to restoration than what meets the eye. Structural damage needs to be assessed and remediated, smells (from smoke) and residues (from mold and soot) need to be eliminated, mold needs to be eliminated…the list goes on. At BDR Fire & Water Restoration, we take our job seriously and we work closely with insurance adjusters and other experts to make sure that the property is in the shape it was before the damage. That’s our promise to you.

What We Do
When it comes to fire and water damage restoration in Colorado, we’re the experts. We also offer a number of other restoration services. Here’s a complete list of our services.

  • Water Damage Restoration: In Colorado, we’re the experts on water damage. We have the tools to detect the extent of the damage to your property (in the walls, in the ceiling, and other places you might not know) and our restoration process is thorough and professional. Find out more about water damage restoration at BDR.
  • Fire Damage: We focus on thorough restoration, including restoring structural damage, eliminating odors, and cleaning soot and smoke damage. We also do contents cleaning and inventory. Find out more about fire damage restoration at BDR.
  • Mold Remediation: Mold growth is a pervasive problem after water damage and in places of high humidity. Mold can grow quickly and is be extremely harmful for humans―especially children. Find out more about how BDR will get rid of mold in your home or business.
  • Wind Damage: High winds can cause all sorts of problems for your home or business from ripping up roofing shingles to blowing out windows. Find out about how BDR can restore your property after wind damage.
  • Contents Cleaning: We understand that the contents of your home of business is more than just ‘stuff.’ It may be vital business documents or family heirlooms. We listen to you and make sure to do everything we can to clean and restore the property that means so much to you. Find out about BDR’s contents cleaning servies.
  • Carpet Cleaning: BDR’s carpet cleaning crews are thorough and efficient. We’re well known for working miracles with your carpets. Find out more about our carpet cleaning service.

The Best Crews In Colorado
With BDR Fire & Water Restoration, you’re not taking a chance on letting strangers into your home. You’re entrusting your valuable property to folks who treat it as if it was their own. Many of our crewmembers have been working for BDR for more than a decade―they may be your neighbors and community members. They show up on time, they maintain a clean working environment, and they are courteous and friendly. With BDR you know that you’ll get the respect and professional service you deserve.